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Established in 2010, Union Circuits is well-known as a professional Printed Circuit Board manufacturer and exporter located in Shenzhen, China, dedicated to produce quick turnaround Prototype and small to medium volume PCBs. It was founded by a group of PCB experts who have decades of experience working in the PCB industry. With more than 10 years’ effort and our great valued customers support, so far for now Union Circuits own four modern factories with state-of-the-art equipment, each one focus on different market & products positioning to better serve our customer requirements. There are two Rigid PCB factories, one focus on quick turn small volume PCBs production, another for medium size orders which located in another city outside of Shenzhen with about one hour and a half driving away. One FPC factory and one PCB Assembly factory, both located in Shenzhen. We own the factories, knowledge and industry experience to act beyond your expectations, we are always striving to be the best.

Union Circuits offers various kinds of PCBs including:

Our PCBs were widely used in high-tech industries such as telecommunication, computer, industry control, automotive, aerospace, security etc. More than 80 percent of them were exported to Europe, north America, Australia and some Asia-Pacific countries. As a professional PCB manufacturer in China, Union Circuits strictly follows the requirements of ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001, all our products meet the IPC, MIL, and American UL requirements. Besides, we make substantial improvement in capital equipment to meet the increasing needs from our customers, including improve the capacity of manufacturing, employing state-of-the-art PCB Assembly equipment, these changes have drawn attention from our recent and potential customers and brought a long term partnership with us. Now we are not only a PCB manufacturer but also a full turnkey PCB solution provider. Our goal is to become the world’s leading supplier for HMLV(high-mix low volume) multilayer PCB, FPC and Rigid-flex PCBs, serving the OEM, ODM, contract manufacturing, and commercial communities, as well as electronic hobbyist, college students etc with top quality, time-critical PCBs at aggressive prices, saving both time to market and overall cost for our customers and creating a mutual benefit “win-win” partnership. 

We do not select customers or products, everything about PCB we are interested, and we care about each PCB and each customer.

Work with us, you will find we are very easy to work with, we are totally open and easy to talk. Let our strong experience be your advantage.  

We are just a call away, call us today at +86 13927404176(available 24/7/365), or email [email protected] to learn more about our capabilities.

Looking forward to working with you soon!!


Mission & Vision

We strive to be the world’s most preferred Printed Circuits Board manufacturer and Assembler, and to be the epitome of quality, reliability and value-added service in the industry.

To attract, develop, and maintain long-term successful customers while optimizing the capacity and capability of our current facilities.

3* First

  • Customer is First — Customer is ALWAYS ON FIRST POSITION TO SERVE.
  • Quality is First — Our customer is buying products, in fact they are buying quality and trust from us, so from Quality, first Step, we will give customer more confidence.
  • Employee is First — Each PCB is made by our worker’s hard work, they are deserved to pay high value. Employee is first in our manufacturing facilities with respection.

Green Environment Policy

We are committed to established a dedicated Green-Environment Policy when Manufacturing. We strictly adopt to environmental standard specified by ISO 14001 guidelines. Union Circuits takes measures to comply with RoHS/RoHS2/REACH/new regulations. Our factories use material, Electrical and Electronic Equipment containing no more than agreed levels of the hazardous substances. As RoHS Regulations also requests that manufacturers need to ensure the products and the components of such products – comply with the requirements, we also ask our components or raw material suppliers to adhere to the directives and testing. We are committed to delivering high quality PCBs and Assemblied PCBs while protecting Green environment of our earth.

  • Stop and prevent environment pollution
  • Implement the requirements of environmental protect laws
  • Devote ourselves to protect the environment
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