Heavy(thick) Copper PCB is compared with standard copper weight PCB, standard PCB copper thickness is always 0.5 ounce(oz) or 1 oz(35 micrometers or 1.4mil) per square foot, or even 2/2 oz in the inner power/ground layers and outer layers. While heavy copper PCB generally have a copper thickness that exceeds 3 oz(105 micrometers), and can go up to 12 oz or even more. Heavy copper PCBs are commonly used in power electronics, such as high-power amplifiers, power converters, power distributors, welding equipment, radiators, planar transformers and motor controllers etc. They are also used in applications that require high reliability and durability, such as aerospace, military, and medical equipment. The heavy copper layers can provide better thermal dissipation, improved mechanical strength, and better resistance to corrosion and wear.

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