High Frequency/high speed Printed Circuit Boards are mostly used in the applications which involve special signal transmissions. They mostly operate in higher electromagnetic frequency range from 300 MHz(wavelength less than 1 meter) to 3 GHz(wavelength less than 0.1 meter). Nowadays a lot of the electronic products involved in signal communication. This is more prominent in products that related to satellite and Wi-Fi systems. High speed high frequency communication equipment is the development trend, especially 5G networks, the increasing development of satellite communications, electronic products are moving towards large capacity, and low latency. Therefore, new generation products need to use high frequency and high speed materials. The characteristics of high frequency high speed materials and conventional FR4 materials are very different. For high frequency PCBs, the substrate material needs to have excellent electrical properties, good chemical stability, with the increase of the power signal frequency, the loss on the substrate is very small, while most conventional FR4 material cannot meet these requirement, so the importance of high-frequency plates has emerged. We look towards high frequency boards whenever we need a signal communication in our electronic products.

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